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Operations Manager

The Operations Manager will ensure continuity, focus and purpose to the operations of the Sky View Observatory including: direction and management of all Food & Beverage and Guest Services department employees, maintenance, overall guest experience, and all technical aspects of managing the facility, ensuring upkeep of the premises in accordance with Urban Renaissance Group (building management) and Sky View Observatory’s guidelines. The Operations Manager additionally plans, directs, updates, manages, and coordinates all food and beverage, building equipment and special event operations.  The person stepping into this role will perform related duties as assigned by the General Manager.


A Cook is responsible for the food preparation, execution, and delivery of safely handled food to the customer facing employees for service. Washington State Food Handlers Permit Required.

Observatory Ambassador

The Observatory Ambassador will be a dynamic, interactive role within the Observatory with a specific focus on the guest experience and how the guest relates to the Observatory experience. This position will play an integral role in providing Seattle area, United States and International guests with a unique, memorable experience.